Our Brand

Wing Chun International is a world leading Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial Arts Brand dedicated to the growth and wing-chun-international-logo-desktopdevelopment of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System. Dedicated on producing high quality instructors and students through out the world but predominatly the UK as this is our home.





Our focus is to develop full time Wing Chun Martial Arts "National training centers" throughout the UK for both our students and instructors and which all follow the same guidelines, knowledge base and brand image to create a professional martial arts training environment.





Our Philosophy

Wing Chun International is Passionate about Wing Chun, We have dedicated over 30 years to the study and understanding of the Wing Chun System, some might call it love, as a dedicated Wing Chun Brand we focus our attention on exactly that and do not mix our Martial Arts schools with any other type of Martial Arts.

Our Philosophy is simple, we are constantly learning and developing our knowledge of the Wing Chun System to bring to our students, to introduce the Wing Chun System to as many people as we can through the constant development of our Brand.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to introduce Martial arts but specifically the Wing Chun Kung Fu System to everyone, Leading by example offering affordable professional and high quality martial arts training through our dedicated network of Wing Chun schools and Instructors through out the UK and internationally. Our Mission is to set a high standard with in the Martial Arts industry for others to follow and always be at the cutting edge of Martial Arts, our goals are to get many to join us on this great journey to make Wing Chun Kung Fu the No1 Martial arts that is recognised around the world and in the UK.

Our Instructors

The Instructors of Wing Chun International play a very important role being on the front line of the Martial arts Industy and always strive for the best within themselves and there students, The job roles taken on by our instructors are as follows:

  • Responsible for training students on all aspects martial arts practice.
  • To deliver the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu as taught by Wing Chun International.
  • Provides instruction in personal developement and improvement.
  • To lead by example.
  • Maintain there own training at all times.
  • To deliver the latest information supplied by there organisation to there students.
  • To offer there students opportunities in Martial Arts.
  • Attend National and international Seminars when requiried to do so.

Our Kung Fu Adults

Wing Chun International Adults start at the age of 13, this is due to the diffiuculties in engagaing the teenage market and thise who enjoy there training are more than comfortable mixing in with our adult group, our adult classes are tailored to benefit the complete class as a whole and then look at the indivdual and what they are looking for from there journey.

Our Kung Fu Children

Martial arts is a key benefit for children in there lives, Wing Chun International is dedicated to the progression and improvement of our children and our aim to make them great role models for there peer group as well as give them a good standing in the Wing Chun System for there future.

Our Future

Wing Chun International is always looking forward to the future, It is focused on bringing the Wing Chun Kung Fu system to every village, town and city in the UK, It is focused on creating a brand that people can trust and believe in for there Wing Chun training and is striving to give its students and instructors a place that they can call home for there Martial Arts journey.


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