Childrens Martial Arts

Childrens Martial Arts

Wing Chun Kung Fu aim is to provide full time martial arts education for your children from the age of 4 and taking them through our black belt and leadership courses, therefore developing them into young instructors; your child is respectful, confident, and willing to succeed in the future

Our dedicated team of School Owners/Instructors have been taught the relevant teaching skills at our Regional Headquarters which is based in Leamington Spa, under the guidance of Sifu Scott Rowlinson

Wing Chun is a kung fu system from China. It is recognised as one of the most practical, simple and effective martial arts in the world and is dedicated to educating people in the subject of Self Defence.

The children’s system is complete education program which gives motivation, self confidence and other invaluable life skills that will be with them for the rest of their lives. The System is based on the moves of various martial arts but it is the way that it is taught that makes a major difference to your child.


Junior Warrior Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts Course

The Junior Warriors Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts course course is for children who have either trained in the Little Dragons Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts course or for children over the age 0f 7 years until they reach the age of 12 years old.

In this course your child will start by going through the first Basic modules that are in the Little Dragon Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts course as listed above.

The aim of the 1st four modules is to install the idea of what a Martial Artist is and how they behave when training with each other. It’s there to give them a better understanding of basic body mechanics.

Once your child has completed the first four modules your child will begin to learn Wing Chun which is a close quarter self defence system.

The Junior Warriors Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts Course will cover the 6 elements of Wing Chun during each class:

  1. Forms – This is solo training for you learn to Remember how Wing Chun practitioners use their arms and legs and the positions that they should be.
  2. Lat Sau – This stands for free fighting, but as a beginner we start sparring in this game to get you used to being in close distance and learning to deal with basic attacks being thrown at you. Once you are good enough you can dispense with this way of training and move onto being more realistic, but it is a fantastic tool to develop your skills to begin with.
  3. Chi Sau – This is known as Sticking Hands, once you are at punching range or closer then you will be in contact with your opponent. Chi Sau builds directly into your body the skills you need to defend yourself and open the other person up once you are in contact with the attacker. It is the training of this skill that makes us specialists in dealing with people at close quarters.
  4. Punches – Once a fight starts you have to be able hit someone hard if you are going to stop them, a great punch is your most useful tool.
  5. Steps – The better your foot work the more balance you have the quicker you can move and the harder you can hit, the importance of great footwork can not be overstated in the art of Wing Chun.
  6. Theory – Theory is the understanding and ideas behind how you should be and act as a Wing Chun martial artist. This will give you everything you need to apply the art to suit you as an individual.

Each element is designed to help your child understand how Wing Chun is used and to also build muscle memory as Wing Chun is a reactive Martial Art your children will find themselves responding without even thinking about it, but as you can imagine this takes time.

Once your child has reached his/her Black Belt they will begin to work towards learning to help the Instructor teach the younger students and gain greater confidence through their training to lead a class of young Martial Artists.


Junior Warrior Leadership Course Childrens Martial Arts Course


Little Dragon Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts Course

The Little Dragons Childrens Martial Arts Course is for children between the ages of 4yrs – 6yrs.

During the 1st 8 months your child will begin to learn the basic concepts of footwork and how to use there hands, partner training (learning to work together) begin to understand mirroring your training partner and developing cospacial awareness, Balance and Kicks helping to improve flexibility and gain strength.

Design to give basic understanding on how to behave as a young martial artist and be able to follow instructions while having fun and beginning to understand how to be safe and build confidence and most of all have.

At this stage in your child’s development we would focus more on 80% life skills and interaction with other children with 20% basic martial art skills introduced to improve balance, hand coordination.

  • First 4 modules
  • First 4 Sashes
  • Basic introductory to our system
  • Basic self – defence
  • Confidence
  • Fun

Little Dragons Black Belt Childrens Martial Arts Curriculum

  1. Basic Sparring – During this part of the course your child will learn all about safe distances and unsafe distances self defence, general fitness, or as a contact sport (speed and intense pad work)
  2. Partner Training – Safety and team work, teaching to help each other.
  3. Flight Training – Off ground work, balance, spacial awareness, coordination.
  4. Self defence – dealing and understanding distance, grabs, stranger danger, teaching safety and responsibilities


Childrens Martial Arts Development and Benefits

10 Life changing benefits for your children

  1. Confidence and Self-Esteem: All beginners have fun and perform easy exercises promoting inner belief, leading to increased focus and strength of character.
  2. Fitness: Developing your body and mind to be healthy through strength, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise.
  3. Personnel Safety: Punching, kicking and blocking techniques are some of the practical close and long range skills you will learn on the Little Dragons/Junior Warriors. Additional skills include personnel safety awareness.
  4. Self Control: It is essential that all LD’s/JW’s learn to conduct themselves with restraint to increase strength of mind and character.
  5. Focus: Making smarter decisions through listening and reaction drills that will improve your concentration and dexterity.
  6. Etiquette: The development of courtesy and integrity reinforces respect and interpersonal skills for everyone. Etiquette also greatly improves your child’s behaviour at school and at home.
  7. Balance and Coordination: These are important skills to learn at the start of your Martial Arts Journey as they ultimately lead to better posture and good spatial awareness.
  8. Discipline: Building a positive vision of discipline as a highly rewarding life-skill that improves personnel development.
  9. Positive and Energy Channeling: Martial Arts helps children channel their energy in a positive and self rewarding way. Goal setting and the drive to improve.
  10. Indomitable Spirit: A non quitting attitude that is always positive and eager to learn. The secret to becoming a winner in Martial Artist to overcome difficulties through perseverance.