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Wing Chun International School Finder

Welcome to the Wing Chun International School finder page, The listed locations here are by no means a full list of the locations that we are currently able to service through out England, the listed locations here are verified address details and therefore as new locations are confirmed they will be listed here.

As a dedicated full time Wing Chun Martial Arts Organisation we have instructors in each region of the United Kingdom and will be in the process of opening new locations through out there region, with this in mind our instructors should be able to teach you in where ever you are, Once we have confirmed further address details or schools with in certain parts of the regions in the United Kingdom we will place them live for your information.

If the location is not listed yet please contact us directly and the instructor local to your area will contact you directly to discuss how to get you started on your Wing Chun Journey.

      If you would like to be directed to your nearest Wing Chun International Instructor the quickest and easiest way is to complete the form below and the instructor will contact you as soon as possible.