Wing Chun for Adults

Wing Chun for Adults

Wing Chun Kung Fu was invented for Adults and is specifically dedicated to the subject of self defence, Wing Chun Kung Fu is not a sport and has never had any inclination to be in a combative arena for the purpose of winning against an opponent or to develop the human beings Ego to over power and influence others.

Wing Chun Kung Fu for Adults Within Wing Chun Kung Fu is offered for adult students aged 13 and older, there is a very good reason for this as a starting age! The adult age is normally 18 and this would allow for a specific teenage market for children/Adults aged between 13 to 18 however as a separate age group this is one that is hard to maintain a dedicated class with enough students for Most instructors to keep the classes running, Wing Chun Kung Fu therefore open the adults classes to 13 and then if the demand is great enough in a area the instructor will split the teenage group into there own class, if this cannot be achieved then all instructors have the skill and ability to hold the teenage attention and make the classes fun and exciting for them.

Unlike most Martial Arts where the adult MUST fit to the requirement of the Art being learnt, Wing Chun Kung Fu is unique! Wing Chun Kung Fu is a phenomenal Martial Arts system that has been Written and designed as to fit to the requirements of the individual Person, Whilst teaching a common goal you can work within the classes to your own goals and achievements.

Wing Chun for Adults fits into the 3 requirements elements of learning Kung Fu, Our Mind, Our Body and The Human Spirit, Within each of these we have listed just a number of core benefits that learning the Wing Chun Martial Arts system will give you and is just a little indication as to the scope and meaning of each:

Our Mind

The Mind is a set of Cognitive faculties that include consciousness, Perception, Thinking, Judgement and Memory, It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity's thoughts and consciousness. It is what holds the ability of imagination, Recognition and is responsible for processing thoughts, Feelings and emotions which results in the expression of attitudes and actions.

Wing Chun Benefits for our Mind

1 Shaping the way we think and see ourselves:

Wing Chun Kung Fu is more than what you see from a classroom, The environment created and the knowledge base of our instructors stretches beyond the format or simply punching and kicking, Wing Chun Kung Fu is set on a foundation of understanding as to how to improve ourselves through certain thoughts and actions, Your training is 80% of a physical stand point however the fundamental philosophy of what makes up Wing Chun Kung Fu will always be around you and is in fact already in you, this is part of the reason that you have decided to start your journey in Wing Chun Kung Fu, you are being shaped as a great Martial Artist who is developing your Mind in the Way of a Kung Fu Master.

2 Relieves Stress:

Motion Creates Emotion! Stress is often caused by our Mind being allowed to slow down and stagnate and Stress potentially leads to depression if not caught early, Our Wing Chun classes not only get you involved in a physical activity and therefore not allowing that down time it also gets you into a thinking activity, although we do not want you to think to hard as a student it is well know that the Art of Wing Chun Kung Fu is technically brilliant and for those thinkers its a great way to activate the mind. Getting a great workout in any format (Mind or Body ) is brilliant although especially a cardio workout and will help purge the stress from your mind and it’s good for the heart too, Plus training Wing Chun forces you to focus on the here and now, not on the every day problems that you may be facing at the moment, having a great Wing Chun Instructor who understands how the mind works is a great ally to have on your side and help to direct you on your Kung Fu Journey.

"Getting rid of stress has really helped me clear my mind and allows me to do better work in my job" Something that you will soon be realising after a great Wing Chun Class.

3 Better Relationships and Social Support:

Another benefit that our students soon find and especially like about their training is the social interaction and friendships that come with taking classes, Students come from all walks of life and some who are looking for a social network soon find this from our Wing Chun Classes, for those students who join as a Family group again soon find that to have started a hobby that they all enjoy together and take home with them to discuss and even practise really brings the whole family together.

Wing Chun is a Big family and in our classes for example, we emphasise to our students that they are family (A Kung fu Family) something that is well known from this Chinese Martial Art and can be seen from the famous titles given out and awarded, Titles such as Sifu and Si hing for example, Older Kung Fu brother and Father amongst many more! Because we’re a family we help each other improve, We’re not there to break each other down but to build each other up. We’re also there as a social support in a world where many peoples social supports are breaking down.

4 Increased Discipline:

Self-discipline is a lost art today in a world where so many things are cheap and easy. The downside to this is that people are not given the chance to develop self-discipline, Discipline is an important element in life, it is key to attaining and achieving some of the fundamentals in life that allow you to development and grow as a person.

But the truth is that you need it if you want to go anywhere in life. Wing Chun helps you develop self-discipline in a truly enjoyable way. While you’re learning the art, you’ll also be developing the self-discipline of training, practice and conditioning, To control your Mind for peace or to mix and flow through a mulitude of complex drills to expand your boundaries and to then very quickly bring them back under control once again and you’ll notice before long that this self-discipline (and the confidence that comes from developing it) is leaking over into other areas of your life, helping you achieve more and go further than you ever dreamed.

5 Improves eye focus and eye to hand coordination:

When you’re not in contact range you have to rely on visual reflexes (your eyes) to keep you safe and a concern to your opponent.

In the West we pay little attention to eye health. In Chinese schools, on the other hand, exercising the eyes during school is part of the daily routine and is not something that should be missed, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Self Defence comes in 3 formats, Physical, Visual and Audible, Our Eyes play a main roll in defending yourself as what we cannot touch or what we do not hear will most certainly been seen, our senses to see and understand our situation and circumstances is important and one that is trained and enforced in our classes.

I’ve noticed that the eye exercises are beneficial to me especially since I work on a computer most of the day.

6 More Confidence and Better Focus:

Confidence is gained through a increase of Knowledge, more knowledge equates to a greater amount of confidence.

To take this new gained confidence and increase it further we must apply the knowledge that we have learnt, This is achieved through the classroom environment with the help of the Instructor who will give you Wing Chun drills and exercises so to work through the material taught so far, these drills and exercises will allow you to apply the knowledge that you have gained from the Wing Chun Classroom.

With Wing Chun forms training you also gain great body posture and the ability to calm the mind and relax the body, Our Forms focus your attention of the learning your body structure and mental focus, Wing Chun Lat Sao allows you to develop your physical elements (Your Body) and shows you how to apply the new gained confidence and focus learnt, Wing Chun Chi Sao allows the human spirit to come alive without the need to spend time considering what you need to do, Put all three of these elements together and this is what increases your confidence and focuses your attention in the classroom and beyond into your day to day lives.

Our Body

The human body is the shell of our physical existence and it holds the contents of everything that allows us to stay alive, it is composed of many different types of cells, Organic tissue and Organ systems to enable us to function.

The Fundamental elements of the human body and that which is of great interest to the Wing Chun Applicator are the Neck, Trunk, Arms, Hands, legs and Feet, As Wing Chun Applicators we learn firstly how to use these to there best effect as well as how to protect them from incoming danger, we do this through the application of the Wing Chun Theories, Principles and Motos.

We also work on understanding all elements of the human body, how to attack and defend Muscle groups, how to use these for there soft and Hard capabilities, we look at the organs held with our frame and to how best to keep safe as well as manipulate our opponents for the best outcome in the subject of defending ourselves.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu, it is everything!

In Wing Chun Kung Fu we are keen to develop Body Structure, Body Conditioning and the Understanding of how to use our complete body in the application of the Wing Chun System, this is initially achieved through the our Forms, Lat Sao and Chi Sao Programmes and then later through the deeper levels of Wing Chun training.

Wing Chun Benefits for our Body

1 Body Structure:

Body Structure is created through the understanding and implementation of the Wing Chun Shapes that you learn, We then work on holding these shapes in positions based on the theory and concepts that you are using within your fighting programmes, this is taught and learnt through the Sui Nim Tao, Chum Kui, Bu Tse and Wooden dummy understanding and is dependant on your purpose in application.

In order to make correct shapes you practise your forms and in order to implement the correct shapes you practise your Chi Sao, Body Mechanics is one of the key elements to Wing Chun and a beginner student should spend time learning this.

2 Body Conditioning:

Wing Chun Kung Fu is Soft Martial Art so unlike the Hard arts we must condition our selves in a slightly different way, hard training is tough on our bodies yet simple to do, the body responds to hard conditioning by becoming hard however this is not for most and most certainly was not the purpose of Wing Chun Kung Fu. In Wing Chun we must remain soft (defend through Sui Nim Tao and Chum Kui) whilst having the ability to apply our selves Hard (Attack through Bui Tse and Wooden Dummy)

In Wing Chun we should train so not to affect out normal day to day lives and allowing us to carry on with our family and work commitments with out getting damaged from our training however it is important that we develop our body to allow us to attack and defend, In Wing Chun Our limbs should remain soft to yield like water yet attack with aggression and but remain un-injured, this is done by utilising body mechanics as described above.

3 Body Understanding:

As Wing Chun Practitioners we must understand how our Body works now and how it should work correctly, how to get the best from it and how to keep it safe and uninjured in both day to day life as well as in that element of defending our self if the situation arises, We learn this simply through the Theories of Wing Chun, working through these theories and instilling them into our body is key to making us work correctly in any given situation.

4 Relieves Stress:

Getting a great workout from our Wing Chun classes and especially focusing on the cardiovascular elements of a workout helps purge the stress from our body and it’s good for the heart too. Plus, training Wing Chun forces you to focus on the here and now, not on your problems.

For instance, if someone is throwing a kick or punch at you, you don’t have time to worry about the parking ticket you just got or the pile of paper work sitting on your desk at work.

Getting rid of stress is a well known benefit of Martial Arts classes and will really helped you clear your mind and allows you to do better work your job.

4 Builds Internal Energy and Wellness:

Most people have heard how Chinese Martial Arts and some specific arts more than others with there forms are good for your health and helps develop internal “Qi” power. There are dozens of medical studies that support this is a core element of your Kung Fu training.

In Wing Chun Kung Fu we have many methods that we use to increase your health and well being, Our Wing Chun forms are one such tool that is used for this. Our forms can be used to help with your flexibility, Increase your strength, improve your softness, focus your mind, Generate Power and all with the added benefit that the forms hold all of the applications of the Wing Chun System as well as ever last Theory, Concept and Moto of the system. If you do your Wing Chun forms slowly and deliberately you’ll get many of the benefits.

5 Improve Your Reflexes:

Chi Sau (or sticky hands) provides the training of increased contact sensitivity and increased auto-reflexes. This will also help you in other martial arts or sports that you choose to take and is a method used to down load specific responses and reactions to incoming problems that you may face not only in your Martial Arts classroom but in normal life.

Our Spirit

It is written that the Human Spirit is made up of the following components, philosophy, psychology, Art and Knowledge, This is the spiritual or mental part of the humanity. Human spirit is sometimes used to refer to the impersonal, universal or higher component of human nature which could be seen as the positive driving force of our Nature, in contrast the human soul or psyche could refer to the ego or lower element. The human spirit includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity.

The human spirit plays a very important part of our Kung Fu journey and is key to our overall development as a Wing Chun Student and practitioner of Kung Fu

philosophy, Is the study of general and fundamental problems, in your Wing Chun Training this make a lot of sense from a self defence perspective and is something that you will be examining and learning about how to over come in ever class.

psychology, is the science of behaviour and Mind, Conscious and unconscious experience as well as the actions of thought. Although the Wing Chun Applicator is not expected to become a trained physiologist the understanding of this subject matter is imperative in the world of self defence,  The aggressor does not need to know this but the defender should know the enemy.

Art, is the diverse range of human activities and in understanding our spirit linked with Martial arts you could perceive this to mean the expression of your own Wing Chun, The Artistic expression of your Wing Chun comes from the spirit inside.

Knowledge, can be the familiarity, awareness and understanding of someone or something. With our improved knowledge on the subject of Wing Chun Kung Fu comes a greater level of spirit within, Our Mind and body grows with Knowledge and therefore our inner spirit comes through to be seen by others.

It is important to know the spirit that is within ourselves and also the spirit that drives our opponent so to understand how do act correctly in a self defence situation, those that are uneducated and hold little knowledge on this subject are already a step behind the aggressor.

All of the above are just a few of the added benefits of training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and as our website develops and schools grow we will elaborate on all of these topics, for now always remember that training over the long term is what helps you develop increased focus and your self defence skills in everyday life, This translates into helping you achieve your other life goals faster and more effectively.

So those are just a few of the added benefits of training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and if you’re interested in discussing these further and taking classes make sure to look for a good instructor that provides a supportive and positive environment for you to train in, Your journey could start by completing our form below.