Wing Chun Kung Fu

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu

Introduction to Wing Chun

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu? Wing Chun is an efficient form of martial art. It is an effective, streamlined and highly simplified combat art, with only three unarmed forms within the style. The style was developed by the Shaolin nun Ng Mui, a senior Kung-Fu practitioner. Ng Mui needed to teach Kung Fu to a young woman named Yim Wing Chun, so she could defeat a warlord who wanted to force her into marriage. A new style was taught to Wing Chun which combined the best techniques from the broad array of traditional Shaolin kung fu, into simple, master style. Tim Wing Chun defeated the warlord with little effort, using his energy against him. The new style was subsequently named Wing Chun. The Wing Chun Style was then passed on through the years where the butterfly knives and pole forms where introduced, until more recently when the late Ip Man learned the style. Ip Man taught many people including his two sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching and also famously Bruce Lee, who introduced Wing Chun and Kung Fu to the western world.

Using Energy Wisely

The use of energy is a very important aspect of Wing Chun. It is not a hard style using strength against strength, energy is used and deflected. Use energy wisely and only when you need it, to use strength all the way through motion is a complete waste of energy and does not hurt the opponent. The opponent only feels it at the moment of impact so you should use strength at that moment, just before impact.


Relaxation is a key factor when learning and using Wing Chun. If you are tense you are using your strength to create muscle tension. This will slow and tire you down allowing your opponent to use this against you. In Wing Chun you must learn how to use less energy to counter greater energy.

Economy of motion

Economy of motion is another aspect of Wing Chun to consider. All your strikes and block need to go through the most direct route, the shortest distance in the quickest amount of time. Wing Chun moves are not big flowery movements like that of other martial arts. Sometimes you do not have much time to perform your block before you get attacked, especially if you are caught off guard. This idea also helps conserve energy.

Centre line theory

A major principle of Wing Chun is Centre line theory. Your centre line runs down the middle of your body, from the top of head, down through your chest to your lower body. The centre line is the most vulnerable part of your body. You must protect the centre line at all times with your defence and strikes, always attack down your centre line. Everything in Wing Chun revolves around this theory, with practice of Siu Lim Tao this will be realised.

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